‘L’ is for loser

A. has told me countless time that I wouldn’t have been interested in him 10 years ago. I told this to his friend P., over a recent IM chat, and P., who knows A. from their PhD program, wrote: “You wouldn’t have been interested in him five years ago.”

I find this hard to believe — I feel so connected to A. on so many levels. I feel like we would have fallen in love at any stage in our lives — even when we were walking around in our diapers (I’m 16 days older than A.) A. laughs and says he didn’t like girls until he was 14.

His college friend agrees that I would have thought he was a loser. She was at A.’s going away party two weeks ago. (A. still hasn’t left. He’s been delayed twice — and he’s staying with me till just before Thanksgiving.) She said A. was always very kind, but not nearly as relaxed and as adventurous as he is now.

I’m just glad we brought up the topic because I was able to capture this shot — one of my favorites of the year.


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