my Washington Post article and a finished shop

Hooray! My piece for the Washington Post ran last week. Last year, I mentioned what a traumatic time I had a week after giving birth to baby L., and it felt good to write out the details. I never realized how difficult it was write about medical issues — it’s so nuanced I was a bit stressed about getting the details right. But after pestering the Stanford doctor and the CDC press officer and my friend Natasha who’s an infectious disease doctor, I felt confident when the story ran.

I also have so much more to tell, like how lonely it felt to be that sick even though my husband didn’t leave my side or how I wished I had those early days with my last newborn at home instead of in the hospital or how I sometimes look at the horizon and talk to the woman who saved my life even though I don’t believe in heaven. Lots to unpack there, I know. Maybe I can work on another piece — I just have to find the right angle.

A few weeks ago, A. finished my pottery shop and I’m throwing during my spare time. I’m a bit rusty and I need a full weekend to throw and throw to get in the groove, but I think I’ll find that in the new year and will be able to re-open my Etsy shop.



Exciting things are on the horizon! I don’t think I’ll pull off Christmas cards this year (sadly), but we’ll see. It’s hard to get a picture of the five of us. Have a happy and relaxing holiday!



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4 responses to “my Washington Post article and a finished shop

  1. Lois Hinman

    Erin, I love your studio. Congratulations on the article in the Post and so happy you survived that. Merry Christmas, Lois

    • Thanks Lois!! You’ll have to come see it. 🙂 Adam set up the kiln, too. I’m so very rusty and I need a lot of time to get back into it, but it’s exciting! Merry Christmas to you. Love and hugs. xooxoxox

  2. Joe

    Congrats again on having the courage to share your story, E. Glad to hear all is well out there!

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