all moved in to our new home in new mexico

So, we moved. From one desert to another. From a dusty remote town at 2,000 feet to a small(ish) city at almost 6,000 feet. I stopped working at the end of April and we’ve been traveling and exploring and enjoying the summer. The warm, relaxed pool and fresh tomatoes in North Carolina. Fireflies, carpets of green grass and the sounds of trains rushing by in Michigan. Spray parks and sushi in Chicago. And now we’re settling into New Mexico, exploring pueblos (cave dwellings!) and the Biopark and the Rio Grande.



I’m putting pictures on the walls, thinking about what’s next and looking for friends. A woman down the road who’s a writer with two small kids came by last night — the kids were chasing each other in circles and giggling uncontrollably, while she and I drank a bottle of wine and chatted without taking a breath. The cool air blew through the screen doors and through the chaos, I felt light. A few weeks ago, I met another woman and her two boys, 3 and 10 months, at story time at the International Balloon Museum and we’ve been meeting up routinely at the Natural History Museum, the children’s museum, the aquarium.


Our new house has turtles that have lived here for 15 years (the photo tells the story). Wide open space, an expansive deck and lots of light.


And two workshops — one for me, and one for A. With electricity and lights and enough space for my electric pottery wheel I bought on Craigslist last week. Over the weekend, I bought clay and have been thinking about it ever since. What tools do I need? Where should I take classes? Should I sell any of this? What if I actually tried to start a business?



I also bought boxes to grow vegetables, and the trays to grow seeds — carrots, beets and spinach. I’ve never gardened, so I find it daunting, but I plan to start this week. As the young bearded guy at the gardening store said when I sheepishly told him that I haven’t a clue: “You gotta start somewhere.” I also have a few essays rolling around in my head and the thought of writing them and selling them also feels hard.

But isn’t that what makes life worth it? Pushing yourself, trying new things, growing, learning? Yes, I definitely think so.



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6 responses to “all moved in to our new home in new mexico

  1. Congrats, friend, I’m glad you are so happy!

  2. Joe

    Congrats on the move, E. Hope you guys are all enjoying the new adventure. And thanks for the turtle porn.

  3. Sarah

    Sounds amazing! I am so glad you have found a happy place, and are setting in!

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