my key to happiness: exercise. so boring, so true

I’ve been thinking a lot about taking care of myself physically since recovering from childbirth the second time around. It’s a painful SLOG to get back into shape. I get why some mamas never do it. When I realized that going on 20-30 minute slow jogs once or twice a week wasn’t going to cut it, I decided I needed to sign up for a half marathon: Not only to motivate myself out the door, but also to carve out that time for myself. When I run regularly, I drop weight, I sleep better, I have less stress, I’m happier, and — most importantly — I have much more patience for my little ones. Also, I age better. I want to be fit and spry when I’m an old woman and minimize inevitable pain I might encounter.

I’m now up to 9 miles for my long run — mostly through the desert. (One house I avoid since a little yipping dog chased me and bit my leg, yeah — that happened.) May 23 is the big day.

Also: Yogaglo? The best thing I’ve discovered online. Check it out. Your body will thank you for it.



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2 responses to “my key to happiness: exercise. so boring, so true

  1. I completely agree! I remember when I first really started running (in college) and would get home from long boring classes with tons to do all stressed out and complaining to my mom and she would tell me “well, just go run you like that”. And in as little as 30 minutes all is right with the world once again. Magic! Good luck in your race 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s hard for me to believe that I ever ran two marathons. My best friend said the same thing to me recently: “All I have to do is run and all is right in the world.” Good luck with your running, too!

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