a new batch of pottery (and relief that i can throw again)

A few days before I pick up my next batch of pottery, I have that burst of excitement I used to feel as a kid the night before Christmas. I push the feeling away so that it doesn’t consume me, but I really love seeing how the glazed pieces transform into usable dishes. They shrink so much that they’re often unrecognizable — I have to check the bottom for my initials to be sure they’re mine.

Earlier this year, I was feeling out of sorts and frustrated on the wheel because I had a newborn and was getting zero sleep and I felt like I forgot how to throw. I couldn’t make a mug, and I felt so frustrated, I wanted to crush the wet clay and slop it into the recycle bucket. This session, I finally felt better. In general, I feel more like myself: I’m getting (a little more) sleep; I’m editing confidently; I have my body back (mostly). I’m still tired — but it feels good to be (almost) back.

photo 2-16


photo 3-7

photo 1-15



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8 responses to “a new batch of pottery (and relief that i can throw again)

  1. Joe

    Great stuff, E. When can I order one of those bowls?

  2. haha, well… we’ll see! If you’re nice, I’ll send you something. If you want to wait till i’m more prolific and you can CHOOSE, it will probably have to be next year when we move and (hopefully) get a wheel. hugs, joe!

  3. Sarah

    So glad you are feeling good, and the pottery is beautiful! Miss you!

  4. bzh

    Add me to the same list Joe’s on. I’d love to own an EK original someday. They’re gorgeous. Just like you.

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