the danger, thrill of raku firings

DSC_4980This weekend, I experienced my first raku firings at Lois Hinman‘s private pottery studio with views of the Sierras. It’s moments like these that make me thrilled to be in the isolated desert.

Of course, I couldn’t be all that involved in the firing because of the baby inside of me — not only is the process of moving the pots from the kiln into open flames dangerous, but also the fumes and the smoke are intense. But I could take a few pictures while wearing a heavy-duty mask that keeps out chemicals (after the first firing I decided to stay inside and wait patiently).




The interesting part of raku is you have no idea what you’ll get. I glazed the vase below with imperial blue, but it often turns copper.

I made a few trivets, a few vases, a business card holder for A. (per request) and two garlic holders. (I also threw some bowls, but decided to high-fire those so that we can put them in the dishwasher.)

Here are my favorite two pieces:


DSC_5081Up next (post-baby): Learning how to throw lids.



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2 responses to “the danger, thrill of raku firings

  1. Kathy

    Nice blog, Erin. You sure got the important photos before we made the mess. Good to see you last night. Take care and best of everything for you and your growing family. Kathy Fields

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