i love my bowls (and a new understanding of the creative process)

Oh my god, you guys, I picked up my pots last night at our pottery party, and can I just say that I am thrilled with the results. I’m seeing improvement! I’m seeing improvement! Not only in my throwing, but also in my glazing. It’s like the spigot, which was trickling before, has opened and I’m overflowing with creativity.


Now I’m thinking of all of the things I want to make: sushi set, cookie bowl, butter dish, plates, potters for plants, a pitcher, wall hangings, etc. Of course, our place isn’t big enough to hold everything I’m making. A. says he’ll add another shelf in a kitchen cabinet to make room for the bigger bowls. Serving bowls was my goal this time, and I did it.


This was my third class this year, and the best part of it is that I’m getting a better understanding of how slow a creative process can be. And how it’s worth it to dig in, and dig in, and dig in and get better and better. Each step is slight, so it’s hard to see progress (and to easily get frustrated), but if I compare the first class with the third class, the improvement is obvious. I also feel closer to the pottery community, and that takes time to build those bonds and prove your dedication.


Lois, my teacher and a talented local artist, has convinced me to enter a few of my pots in the county fair in October, which is something I never would have considered in D.C. I know I won’t win, but that’s not the point — the point is that I’m getting more and more involved in the creative community. It feels more natural here than in a big city. The barriers aren’t so great: the cost is lower, it’s more convenient (Lois lives a mile up the street) and it’s less competitive. Lois has also asked me to demonstrate throwing pots during the Open Studio Tours, a local event where 30-some artists open their studios to the public to raise money for the Maturango Museum. I’ll get to throw all day with two other amazing women and glaze and keep what I make — what more could I ask for?


As for the next weekly class, I’ll have to wait till next year, but I plan to channel my brimming energy into other creative endeavors.



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11 responses to “i love my bowls (and a new understanding of the creative process)

  1. I had no idea that you were getting into pottery! Your work is seriously gorgeous. I’ve been thinking of taking some classes in DC myself after a friend started getting into it as well. Great inspiration, can’t wait to see more…

    • Thanks Jess! It’s so much fun! I took at a class in Adams Morgan at Hinckley Pottery about four years ago with Sabri Ben-Achour, and learned a lot from him. Highly recommend. By the way, I’ve been thinking of getting into painting, so we can inspire each other!

  2. Sarah

    Those are beautiful, Erin! I hope you are feeling better…

  3. TdoubleB

    Feel free to send all excess to me. Thanks in advance!

  4. gillian

    Erin, these are GORGEOUS!!! Once again, you’ve inspired me…

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