impromptu baby photo shoot: capturing my favorite expressions

If I’ve learned anything about myself, especially as a mom, it’s that I need to leave the house as often as possible. Just get up and go. The one day I didn’t go on a walk when C. was an infant — it was a slushy February day in D.C. — I was near tears. I also know that I’m happiest when I’m doing something new or creative.

Today, I decided to photograph the Sierra mountain range just before sunset. I’d like to get better at photography — and the best way to do that is to play.

It was a blue-sky winter desert day, in the high 50s and dusty. I pulled through the drive-thru at Beansters, bought a spiced vanilla chai, and blasted my new favorite song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. As I left the parking lot, I had no idea idea where I’d drive. I ended up at the dirt parking lot behind the community college. But I quickly realized that you have to hike quite a distance to get a good shot of the mountains. It was already 20 minutes before sunset.

So, instead, I turned the camera on C. I have a new appreciation for the athleticism required to get shots of kids. And how tricky lighting can be when they move so fast. And sometimes the best expressions don’t pair with the best lighting. C. thought I was playing a game, so he ran away from me giggling hysterically, which made the first part of the shoot ridiculously joyous (until he got tired and wanted me to stop). I walked away with some of my favorite expressions and gestures.








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6 responses to “impromptu baby photo shoot: capturing my favorite expressions

  1. Joe

    That third picture. . .swear I’ve seen that look before. Tuesdays, around 5 p.m., deadline time. . .

  2. So funny Joe. Love the first shot, Erin! Precious.

  3. Vikki olsen

    The third shot is the face I have not seen. It would be interesting to interpret if one was not aware of the activity. He is so cute, and yes I am biased!

  4. Dad

    Can’t help but say I love them all. Third third shot comes close to the look at your wedding when he wanted only mama.

  5. Soph

    #3 is hands down my favorite. i see it’s a crowd pleaser here too:)

  6. yes pic 3 is tops ! 🙂
    would look great hung on a wall as a big canvas print 😉

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