all talked out

C., who’s a few days shy of 14 months, is on the cusp of speaking lots of full words. He says “hi,” “ball,” “bubbles,” “mama,” “up,” “nana” for banana and “ama” for llama, and he tries his damnedest to say words like “egg,” “orange,” “almond,” “bread,” “apple” and “peanut butter.” (Hm, interesting that it’s mostly food, no wonder his belly is so round and his cheeks look like he’s storing food for an ice storm.) When I ask him where his left foot is, he points to it (and his right, too). He knows what the letter “i” looks like (but not the others, does this mean he’s an egomaniac?). He’s working on enunciating the letter “l,” I’m pretty sure so he can say “llama,” his trusty bedtime companion (who he seems to de-pants a lot).

I know now is the time where I should be talking to him as much as possible. Thing is, I’m all talked out. I talked too much up till now. I’ve used up all of my words. I’m tired of talking. Tired of hearing my voice. Tired of the same books. Tired.

(I also realize that now is the time where I should stop using words like “riffraff” and “shit” and muttering things like, “you’ve got to be kidding me, what are you doing a-hole” in the car.)

Anyone want to come talk to my kid? For free?

Here’s what you’ll get: My gratitude, probably several hugs and lots of laughs (from C.). Oh, and I’ll probably make you some coffee and bacon and eggs. I know, I know, it’s an offer that’s impossible to refuse.



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4 responses to “all talked out

  1. Joe

    Oh, E. It only gets worse. But it is pretty damn funny sometimes, too.

  2. haha! It is funny. Yes, T.! I’m all over it. And I hear him babbling in his crib right now and can’t wait to go get him. The end of the day is so different than the beginning sometimes.

  3. I would be happy to call your kid. But why do you need to stop saying “riffraff”?

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