playground serendipity

So I’ve been in Ridgecrest less than two months, and I met someone at the playground who has our Tupperware. I mean, really? How does something like this happen?

C. and I both needed to get out of the house Tuesday afternoon, so I wandered over to Leroy Jackson park. It was in the 50s, the skies were bright blue and C. pointed at the ravens flying overhead.

There was one other family there — a woman with short blond hair in Capri yoga pants and a zip-up workout top pushing a girl dressed in pink on the swing. And a very tall man with curly hair pushing an older girl.

When I put my purse down on the picnic table, the man took his daughter to the monkey bars. “Do you want to swing?” I asked C. before hoisting him over.

These days, his round cheeks make strangers laugh. She did.

“Those cheeks!” she said behind big round sunglasses. “How old is he?”

“Thirteen months,” I said.

“And how old is she?”

“Two years,” she said. “Her hair is just starting to grow in.” The girl flashed a smile.

The woman’s older daughter yelled at her from the monkey bars, and she called back, “OK, honey bunny!”

And I laughed and said, “I call him honey bunny too!”

“That, and sweet pea,” she said.

“Yes!” I said. “And lovey dovey? I don’t even know where these names come from.”

“I called her ‘midget’ the other day. And then I was like, ‘Did that just come out of my mouth? That’s not right!'”

Now we were laughing.

Somehow it was natural for me to ask her how long they’ve been in town. And then she asked me why we’re here. And we realized our husbands work with each other. And she said, “What a minute, your husband’s name is [insert name]? We have your Tupperware at our house!”

Mystery solved — A. had just been asking me where it disappeared to. He had gone to a party that he said was really fun (I was committed to ladies’ poker night) and had taken a Korean daikon salad. I thought that was bold.

And now K. and I were like schoolgirls babbling and gesticulating and ignoring our kids and she was telling me all about all of the great getaways near here.

“Honestly,” she said, “we’re never here for the weekends.”

Unfortunately, they’re also leaving town in September — for good.

But we still exchanged text messages so I can have a new friend for at least a few months.

“Call or txt anytime and we can meet up for a bit at park or whatever!” she wrote.

“Sounds great,” I wrote. “Would love that.”


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  1. kristin cohen

    🙂 I like reading your blogs…..and K. sounds cool!

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