grabbing, bouncing, giggling

Our baby boy is six months this weekend. I thought he was giggling a lot before, but now he lets out full belly laughs all of the time, especially when we do something unexpected or silly, like shake our hips, sing songs, make faces or jump over him. Sometimes he laughs so hard it’s as if he has trouble catching his breath.

He’s grabbing for everything within his reach — he had a vice grip on my salad plate yesterday at a Circa in Dupont Circle. He navigates objects directly into his mouth. He even whines when I take something away that he’s exploring (like my keys when I had to unlock our gate.)

When he stands on both legs, he bounces. He’s rolling both ways, and when I lie him on the ground and leave the room, he’ll end up several feet away from where I left him, looking up at me innocently.

He doesn’t have melt downs anymore, except when he’s in the arms of a stranger, which he tolerates for a while, but then he freaks out and reaches for me.

He has an incredible ability to concentrate — he played with an orange cup for 45 minutes the other day. Two things I’ve noticed he loves: water (splash! splash! splash!) and music (dance, dance, dance).

He’ll lay in his crib talking, waiting until one of us gets him. And when we walk into his room and let the light shine in, he smiles big and kicks his legs.

Almost six months


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