what’s this green stuff?

We started C. on solids a few days ago. We decided on avocado — mashed and mixed with breast milk.

At first he was concerned.

Then a bit confused. What IS this stuff?

Then he started blowing bubbles and kicking his legs with excitement.

A. and I had to turn away because we were laughing and we didn’t want to encourage him to spit his food out. But man, this boy cracks me up.

That night, he slept 11 hours straight — through the night! — for the first time.

The next three days he spit out more than he ate. I was pretty sure I saw a grimace when I put the green stuff in his mouth the fourth day. So yesterday, I gave him banana — and it was a hit! He was sucking on his fingers and reaching for the spoon.

Up next, sweet potato.

(And yes, we do plan to get him a high chair soon — he won’t be having his meals in his car seat indefinitely. Ha!)


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  1. Sue #2

    The last picture cracks me up to no end. God I love that little guy. I want to see him SO BAD!

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