a day trip in the rain

On Saturday, A. got out of work early unexpectedly — he called at 12:30 p.m. and asked, “Is C. ready for his big day?” Confused, I scratched my head and said, “Huh?” A: “We’re going to Wilmington!” Me: “Yayyyyy!” A. picked us up and we drove an hour to Wilmington, N.C. It was rainy and gloomy, but I was happy to explore with my boys. We gawked at the battleship on the river. We ate sushi — god, do I love white tuna sashimi. And we wandered up to the Bellamy Mansion. My shoes and socks got soggy and the rain splattered against the car-seat cover. But while we kept C. dry, we didn’t have a place to change him, so we had to complete a special operation in the car. Super dad to the rescue.


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