sleep, and how quickly he’s growing

Little C. is almost two months old. Two months! And my little chubs is currently taking a nap in his crib (this is monumental). I was so worried that he would never sleep on his own and gain terrible sleeping habits — keeping us up all night, every night for a year — that I bought a few books like The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight and sent a note to a mom’s group pleading for tips. My job right now, while on maternity leave, is to teach this boy, and sleep is top priority while he’s young enough to be trained.

So after a week of working at it — rocking, pacifiers and gently putting him down and tip-toeing away — he’s taking two-three hour naps in the morning in his crib. And he transitioned smoothly from being sprawled across me all night (god, did I love that stage) to sleeping next to me in the co-sleeper. He’s so close to me that I can rub his soft cheek and look in his baby blue eyes to help him fall asleep. (Though, if I think too hard about how tiny he used to be and how he’s already getting so big, I get a little teary.)

Speaking of tiny, here he is at 12 days — the photos were taken by my best friend, Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez.

This was before he could focus on us, before he started coo-ing (we call it gu-ing) and smiling, before he had a double chin, and before he could sit on his own on the couch without freaking.

When he was this tiny and weak, he would squish up against me, arms folded, his head slumped and snuggle. Kind of like he is here with A. (hot dad!)

Now C., a bruiser compared to then, fights me if try to get him in this position (unless he’s already asleep). But, on the upside, now, during nap time, I have time to myself to actually shower, nap, read, eat and start planning a wedding. Freedom! And now I can leave with him with A. and go to yoga and on runs (a 5-mile run on Saturday morning with my BF, followed by brunch at Tryst was MAGICAL). Life is good. No, scratch that, life is great.


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  1. Love these precious photos and your journey back through childhood Erin. So cute. Thinking of you and sending you more sleepy moments so that you can cherish the awake ones.

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