all smiles

So I’m very conscious that I’m becoming “that parent.” The parent who takes a video of her child every day (often sending them on to the grandparents, who are probably the only people who will watch a video every day and not roll their eyes and think “This mom is batty out of control.”) I can’t help it — munchkin is growing so fast and I want to capture his chirps and squeaks and grunts. The boy sounds like a barnyard animal and breathes like a heavy smoker.

And now he’s smiling. Oh man, do I love his smiles. He had been smiling in his sleep, but now he smiles with eyes open. He still looks a bit dazed when he smiles — I think he’s still trying to figure out what the hell is going on. But all the same, it’s just so damn exciting.

All smiles from Erin Killian on Vimeo.

Life with a one-month old has been pretty good (mostly cause I have the best partner in A. I could ever hope for). I’m operating on little sleep, but as long as C. and I get out of the house every day, I’m happy. Even just a 2-mile walk to Tryst and back gives me a spring to my step (and seems to be good for my waistline, too.)

Today, I took advantage of the 60 degree weather and walked down to P Street for a bagel, over to the Phillips Museum for the Degas exhibit of paintings of ballerinas (one woman turned to me and said of C. “Now that is the real work of art”) and down to Filter, a coffee shop at 20th and T streets (I love discovering new coffee shops). C. slept through it all in the Moby wrap and I was so happy and inspired. The goal is to keep having days like today — Baby & Me Yoga, music class, art exhibits, cooking and baking, learning Italian, planning trips and a wedding — and mostly watching little C. grow. And being “that” mom along the way — as discreetly as possible.


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