all i wanna to do is eat, eat, eat

When I was in my first trimester, I made up a little song about how all I wanted to do was eat. I had some vicious nausea, and eating bread and citrus (lots of guacamole with lemon) was the only thing that made me feel OK. So one night I danced my way into the kitchen singing, mostly off-key, “All I want to do is eat, eat, eat. All she wants to do is eat, eat, eat.” (I get this song-making-upage from my mother.)

And now that I’m in my third trimester, I’m feeling that urge to stuff my face again. This baby must be going through a growth spurt, cause I’m hankering for as much food as I can possibly eat. Generally it’s healthy food, but I do have a nightly urge for Breyer’s vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream. Of course, I do not (repeat: DO NOT) want to try to push out a 10-pound baby, but I think I should feed him or she’ll give me another swift kick to the ribs. (Notice how I switched up the gender?) This baby is trying to whip me into shape before he even enters the world.

I’ve started to slow down when I walk around (I was already slow, so this may come as a shocker to some friends).

A. put me on his shoulders yesterday (he is nuts) during our maternity shoot with my best friend and photographer S. We were standing near wrought iron stairs outside of our row house when I slung one and two legs over his neck and he tottered and howled with mock discomfort as S. and I laughed hysterically.

And twice in the past week, when I’ve gotten in the car, I’ve opened the passenger-side car door too far and it got caught on the sidewalk.

“Oh, you have to move the car forward,” I said to A.

“I think you should stand up,” he said. Ha. That’s all it took. Lift up my weight and the entire right side of the car will lift so I can close the door.

Ah, the third trimester. I’m still getting comfortable with my “new” body. But I know it won’t last too much longer, so I’m trying to enjoy all of the quirks of being pregnant — the kicks and false contractions and I think I felt the head the other day? I had my first bout of baby hiccups today.

Up next: Waddling.


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