pregnancy dumb-drums

Before I got pregnant, I heard other women talk about how when you’re pregnant, you become absent-minded. Like, make seriously dumb mistakes.

I had my first bout of The Pregnancy Dumb-drums during my first trimester. I got into a cab, and told the driver my cross streets. And I wanted to tell him my exact address, but I couldn’t remember it. I couldn’t remember my address. I sat on the leather seats and suffered for a very, very long minute or so. I wanted to say my Chicago address — and people, I haven’t lived at that address for nine years. When I finally remembered my D.C. address, I was drained from the stress of forgetting the address of a place I lived for four years.

And then, yesterday early afternoon, I was really excited to walk to Safeway in my new neighborhood to pick up a few things to make an omelet. I thought, the store is only a half block away! It’s so convenient! I grabbed my keys, phone and a reusable bag and walked over, grabbed an avocado, tomato and cheese, went through self-check out and was ready to bag those goodies when the machine asked me for payment. Ummmmm…. ? Money? I forgot to bring my wallet. I looked at the guy manning the machines with puppy-dog eyes and said, “Er, I forgot my wallet. Can you hold these for me?” He did, and I scurried home and back again with my wallet in hand. I won’t make THAT mistake again.

So for me, pregnancy brain is a real thing. Or maybe I forgot about when I did these very same things when I wasn’t pregnant. If that’s the case, I blame pregnancy brain. I just hope mommy brain isn’t this bad so I don’t accidentally lock my baby in the car or in the apartment.


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  1. Wait. You bought avocados? Where is the guac?!

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