will it really be a girl?

About 15 weeks into my pregnancy, in early June, I sent A. an email. He was still in Afghanistan.

“I just did something insane,” I wrote as the subject line. Then I wrote: “I bought a little dress cause it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. If we don’t have a girl, I’ll give it as a gift to someone… but yes. I really did that. I’ve lost my mind. You need to come back.”

A. replied: “You’re awesome. If we have a boy, he’ll wear it AND HE’LL LOVE IT.”

That message made me laugh and laugh. I had just cleared my first trimester and was feeling worlds better — almost giddy because the first-trimester hormones had lifted. But to actually buy a dress was out of character — I’m very deliberate about what I purchase. Maybe I was in a second-trimester haze — my coworker calls it the “superwoman” phase.

Two weeks later, when A. returned from Afghanistan, he showed me a little boys’ Afghan outfit that he bought when he was there. “In case we have a boy,” he said. We both laughed at that, too.

Truth is that we don’t know what we’re having, but now that I’ve “popped,” we’re starting to get more guesses from friends and strangers.

The other evening at Safeway, the checkout guy in the fast lane said, “I know what you’re having, you’re having a girl!” And he smiled at me with large, crooked teeth that overlapped each other. “Oh really?” I said. “Yes, I’m sure, it’s a girl” and he nodded his head with such confidence as he rung up my fiber-enriched cereal. “Yes, you’re having a girl.” I could only laugh, I had no idea what to say to this man.

And two of my coworkers have said they would guess it’s a girl because I’m carrying high, according to the old wives’ tale.

A. and I had the suspicion all along we’re having a girl, until we had our 20-week sonogram. We walked out both thinking it was a boy. I don’t know why. I’m not sure he knows why. What I do think is that this baby looks like A. (who is adorable, so I’m excited). So maybe that’s why. But A. is pretty, so I think a girl that looks like A. would be a good thing, too.

We’re waiting till I give birth to find out. I’ll truly be happy with either, I just want this baby to be healthy (and calm would be nice, too).

We’ll find out in three months!



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3 responses to “will it really be a girl?

  1. Corie

    Love this. Pretty please, will you post something every day? Pretty, pretty, PRETTY please? Your blog makes me so happy. It’s such a sweet-treat to read!

  2. haha! thanks Corie! I’m working on it… another post coming tonight or tomorrow for sure!

  3. Wild Tico

    I dont think A. would make a pretty girl. Let’s hope that if it’s a girl, Carla will take up after her mom.

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