parental meetup

A.’s parents and my parents met this past Saturday evening in muggy D.C. and I’m happy to say it was a success. At least, we think so. We were a little nervous cause it was the Midwest “nice” (Michigan) meeting the East Coast direct (New Jersey).

We walked into the Dupont Hotel lobby with A.’s parents and my parents were sitting on the black leather couches. They all said hello and hugged and from then on, conversation flowed comfortably. Then we ambled up 18th Street for dinner at Rosemary’s Thyme at a long table with a booth across from three chairs. Our moms, who are both about 5-feet tall with short hair, sat across from each other and leaned in, elbows on the table, heads on their hands, chattering away. They ordered the same meal — the Mahi-Mahi special and a Caesar salad with extra sauce — and laughed about it. My mom later said they have a lot in common, including liking true-crime novels. When they were exchanging authors’ names, I thought, “This is good.”

Oddly enough, our dads, who are quieter than our moms but kept conversation going strongly, too, also ordered the same lamb-in-tomato-sauce meal (A. and I did not order the same dish, but we did share the creme brulee).

I don’t know how much alcohol was consumed (I wasn’t paying attention), but it didn’t seem like any was needed (when this prego lady ordered a lemonade, everyone said, “How sweet!”)

It was heartwarming to see the parents smiling and laughing and sharing stories about me and A. — our baby years, looking for colleges, and witnessing the two of us fall in love.

Because we expect both sets of parents to want to be very involved when Baby O.K. (our last two initials) arrives, it’s important our parents like each other and know how much each of them are loved and how important it is to us that the baby spends plenty of time with all of them. Thanksgiving at our place! Let’s hope my water doesn’t break during dinner.



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2 responses to “parental meetup

  1. Tanya B.

    Yayyyy to baby Tanya O.K. teehee

  2. Wild Tico

    Can’t wait to meet Carlos O.K.!!!
    Btw… Where was my invite to this?

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