the birds of east africa

One thing I didn’t expect to see in Tanzania was so many beautiful — and big — birds. Maybe that’s because I was so excited to see giraffes and zebras and cheetahs in the wild, birds didn’t cross my mind. But in the Serengeti, I felt a bit like a bird gazer — I kept noticing them fluttering by — especially a bright green one with a yellow belly (A. and I didn’t get a photo of it). When we saw it, we pointed and said, “Ohhhh! Look at that! Did you see that?” I know very little about birds, including the birds below (and I’m having trouble finding some of their names). One of the Australians we met was carefully going through a bird book and marking it up: I should have snuck up behind him and stolen that book and run as fast I could.


red-and-yellow barbet

African village weaver

secretary bird

crested cranes

kori bustard

African ground hornbill

helmeted guineafowl

blacksmith plover




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4 responses to “the birds of east africa

  1. Sally Killian

    The birds are beautiful, but didn’t I teach you not to streal?

  2. Oh. Why yes. Why yes, you did. Maybe that’s why I didn’t actually do it. Thanks mom!

  3. Alex

    wonderful birds visit MERU KENYA

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