i amuse myself

A.’s friend A. invited me to her baby shower. Her husband P., who was in A.’s PhD program, has family in the D.C. area so they’re having the soiree here mid-March. I can’t go — I’ll be on a plane back from my trip while her friends will watch her open bottles and blankets and onesies.

So today, I sent A. and P. baby presents off of their registry. This is sooo dumb – I mean really, really dumb — but I bought, among other things, the Vicks baby rectal thermometer. It seemed to be the oddest of the choices (but no doubt important). So I wrote a note with it: “This one is from A.” And then I got an adorable blanket with an elephant on it and wrote another note: “This one — super super cute? It’s from me.”

And then I laughed. Yes, I am 5 years old.


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  1. HAhahahaaAAHAHAAAAAAaaahahaa

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