a secret, revealed

OK, I’m ready to just come out and admit it. I’m going to reveal my long-held secret to the masses.

[Deep breath. Exhale.]

Every Monday, my roommate and I have a standing date to watch “The Bachelor.” And this date will not be broken.

This past Monday, I got an email from my friend C. The conversation went like this:

C: “Run tonight?”
Me: “I can’t, I have plans. Tomorrow morning?”
C: “OK. But I have to leave right at 7.”
Me: “OK.”
C, later: “Looks like there’s supposed to be freezing rain in the morning. Maybe we should just cancel.”
Me: “OK, yes. Let’s shoot for later in the week.”

There was no bending on my part. No, “OK, then, let’s just run tonight.” Nope. I’m pretty sure if I had to schedule surgery, and the only time available was at 8 p.m. on Monday, I would postpone the surgery.

The reason I felt I had to reveal this is because I was actually thinking about “The Bachelor” on my walk to the metro this morning. I was thinking about the women Brad (we’re on a first-name basis) had to choose from and how he seemed to be keeping around the women with children, which I find interesting. And then I thought, “Oh dear lord, I’m actually thinking about the bachelor.”

I know the show is stupid. And I know the women are setting themselves up for a really odd form of heartbreak. It’s dating on steroids — and I’m a voyeur. This week, when all of the women were crying in the previews, N. and I clapped and then laughed because we know it’s sadistic.

On Mondays, N. and I send each other e-mails (mind you, we’re roommates and see each other nearly every day.) We write, “BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And when we get home, the first thing we say as we walk up the stairs is, “BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!!”

It’s really fun to have this Monday tradition.

And now you know, so if you tend to call me on Monday evenings — and you feel like you’re being screened — you are. I’ll call you back just as soon as it’s over.



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4 responses to “a secret, revealed

  1. N

    First the bananas, now the Bachelor…
    I love coming clean! I feel so free! Yes world, it’s true:
    BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!!! is my favorite.

  2. No worries, it’s my secret too. I admitted it to my students last semester, and they about peed themselves. “The Bachelor?!?!” they exclaimed. Yup, even though it’s demeaning and stupid and horrible. I’m an addict. So, know you’re not alone in the intelligent-women-who-watch-bad-tv realm. At least it’s not Animal Hoarders, right? (although, if I had a television, I might watch that too. Maybe it IS on Hulu…I should check.)

  3. I’m so glad we’re not alone. And that’s a mighty fine point about Animal Hoarders, ha. Thanks for sharing!

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