colorado on my mind

When a dear friend offers a free place to stay in Breckenridge, Colo., even though it’s a week-and-a-half away — and you find a flight for $190 for a four-day trip — my thought is: Go, go, go!

Highlights include: Not falling too hard on my ass while snowboarding at Vail and Copper in frigid temperatures (-3 F on Monday, thank god for hand and toe warmers); soaking our tired limbs in the hot tub; T.’s 13-month *adorable* son, who won all of our hearts with his big smile and nonsense talk; dance and track-and-field competitions on the x-box (I broke a light bulb in my exuberance trying to beat J.); Belgian beer and a guacamole bacon burger in Breckenridge; and the gorgeous snow-capped mountains (S. said yesterday: “This is America!”).


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