christmas laughter

This year, I had a very quiet merry Christmas with my parents, who flew in from Detroit. It was just the three of us in my D.C. apartment — relaxing, playing Scrabble, listening to music and chatting.

With the threat of snow — some forecasts said 6 to 10 inches — I went overboard and spent $200 on groceries — including Williams-Sonoma sticky buns, fixings for an omelet, soups, olives and cheese and crackers, wine and a dinner of an arugula salad with Manchego, apples and cranberries as well as salmon, asparagus and sweet potatoes. Let’s just say I’ll have food for myself for a long, long time.

After breakfast, we opened presents. Now, here’s a disclaimer: I got my mom a kid’s-sized Snuggie cause that’s what she wanted. The kid’s size fits children “up to 5 feet.” My mom is 5 feet tall. I was tempted to get her a kid’s pattern — like Winnie the Pooh — but decided on just plain blue. But as I paid for it, I shook my head: “I can’t believe I’m getting my mom a Snuggie.”

But watching her put on that Snuggie was one of the funniest moment of the weekend. My mom makes me laugh all of the time — she may be the funniest woman I know. But this — wow. She put on the Snuggie and said, her voice cracking with laughter, “Have you seen the commercials?” By the time she had that Snuggie on, she had tears in her eyes. Here, she wants you to see the footies that come with it.

Merry Christmas, mom and dad. I already miss you.


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  1. MCK

    She’s wearing it at home — right now — two days later.

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