3 things that have made me laugh out loud so far this week

Anyone who knows me, knows that I laugh — loudly and often. My coworker S. told me once that she could hear me all the way down the hall (at least a football field away). Here are three things have elicited full belly laughs so far this week. (Is it really only Tuesday?)

1. Coworker T. said she expected all of us (about 5 women) to learn these moves — perhaps for an office dance-off. My favorite? “Shoulder, chin, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder.”

2. This, via T.’s tumbler blog: “This week will go like this.” I especially like Thursday and Friday. She said it’s pretty accurate so far. I’d have to agree with her.

3. This video is for my journalist friends — especially those who have been through journalism school. Oh, it’s a cruel, cruel world.

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