what i’ve learned about myself from the D.C. bike share

[Advisory: This post contains hyperbole.]

One of the best things I’ve discovered lately is biking to work. In fact, Capital Bikeshare may be the best thing ever invented in the history of the world.

But check it out: I pick up a bike two blocks from my home. And I drop it off a block from work. It takes me usually between 12 and 15 minutes (I know this because the nifty website tracks my usage down to the second). I don’t have to worry about leaving my bike anywhere or about it getting stolen.

And the 2-mile ride gets my blood pumping and my heart rate up, but I don’t ride fast enough to really sweat. I take essentially two streets (T and 7th) with wide bike lanes. I inhale the cool, fresh [city] air instead of sitting next to a sniffling, coughing stranger.

And, I continue to learn things about myself. Like that I’m kinda cheap. When faced with riding a bike or taking the Metro, I think, why not save the $2? (This comes from someone who buys a latte nearly every day). And that I kind of like being a nerd: I like leaving my helmet on after I’ve dropped off my bike. It’s like holding a leash with no dog attached, or pushing a stroller with no baby. Oh, and wearing a winter hat under the helmet? Yes. Awesome.

And, sometimes, there’s a bit of competition involved. I love me some competition. If there is only a dock or two open at a station, you have to get it, or you have to ride several blocks away to dock the bike. The other night, I passed a smiling 60-year-old woman, who was ambling along quite slowly, and I quickly realized we were gunning for the same station. Arms flailing, I zipped in before she could push her bike in front of mine. And score! I got it. Take that Capital Bikeshare competitor! [Luckily, someone else was leaving just as she rolled up.]



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3 responses to “what i’ve learned about myself from the D.C. bike share

  1. MCK

    Where’s the hyperbole? No, really.

  2. MCK

    hyperbole? never in a million years.

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