my first NPR essay: on childhood diaries

I wrote my first essay for about my childhood diaries. I’m excited! I’m also very nervous — I can’t believe I put it all out there on a national website.

But the project — which includes asking readers and listeners for submissions of THEIR childhood diaries and why they are important to them — really speaks to me. I’m a big believer in diaries, in archiving, in openness and exploring deep thoughts and feelings at whatever age. I hope others from around the country and world submit and this project gains some traction. Fingers crossed!



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2 responses to “my first NPR essay: on childhood diaries

  1. Erin, this had me cracking up! I love childhood diarires – the drama, the crazy observations, the typos. Oh, man.

    I blogged about my childhood diary a couple years ago. The funniest ones are under “Childhood diary part two…” May 2, 1989 & June 19, 1989. I was so self-absorbed and selfish! (But I was also 12.)

  2. Sean

    I love this story. It’s awesome; I’m glad you wrote it.

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