finding inspiration in the snow

I’m staring out the window at work, and it’s a complete whiteout. Snow is coming down so hard, I can’t see the tops of buildings. Over the weekend, D.C. was blanketed with 26 inches of snow — and now we’re getting another 10-15.

Here’s how I personally know we’re in a hunker-down blizzard (besides watching the snow blow): My employers put me up in the Washington Plaza even though I live 1.8 miles from work and often walk it. And I’m so glad they did — because there is no way I would have made it in.

Last night, four of us — including our Latin America foreign correspondent J.B. (who had some amazing work following the earthquake in Haiti) — decided to go to the new Birch and Barley at 14th and Rhode Island NW, less than two blocks from the hotel. We split risotto, flat bread with figs and cheese, and scallops and we sampled 4-ounce Belgian beers as the snow blew wildly outside. And we talked about the joys and dangers of living abroad — and how we all starting working at NPR.

Connecting with my coworkers over that dinner alone (and my safety) made it more than worth it to stay in the hotel. Oh, and snuggling up in the down comforter, lathering on the Bath and Body Works vanilla soap and getting workouts in the morning on the elliptical machine in the basement.


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