bird poop on the head

A pigeon, who was high up in the rafters, pooped on my head last Friday. I was at the U.S. Open in New York, watching a nail-biting 5-set match between U.S. player Taylor Dent and Spain’s Ivan Navarro. And then splat — green and gooey — on my face, white shirt and hair. Friends were quick with the napkins to wipe it off (ew!) and then of course someone said, “It’s good luck.”

Oddly enough, my close friend P. also got pooped on, by a bird, the same Friday. For her, it was in the morning when she arrived at the Detroit airport from San Francisco. She said, “My grandma told me it’s good luck, but I told her that’s just what people say to make you feel better.”

I think it’s karma cause I laughed uproariously at my cousin a few weeks ago when a seagull pooped on her at the beach.



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2 responses to “bird poop on the head

  1. Joe

    I think it’s supposed to be good luck from a statistical standpoint. Like, it’s probably a million-to-one shot that you in particular would get crapped on at that point in time.
    It’s probably not as lucky as finding a shiny new nickel on the sidewalk.
    Either way, you should go buy a lottery ticket.
    Good day.

  2. Sean

    A bird pooped on my phone in India. I was holding out the window to see if I could get better reception, and well, all that did was make things worse. I didn’t want to immerse my phone in water, so I had to kind of wipe it off with a damp rag. Bottom line: I used that phone for the following month before it died, which meant pressing pigeon-crap residue on my face daily. I think it was good luck to do so.

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