the first tri

I finished my first (sprint) triathlon in Brigantine, N.J., last weekend with B. She does it every year with her sister — and she doesn’t train. But her sister was on vacation in Italy, so I stood in as the loyal friend. I signed up three weeks ahead of time — and I didn’t train either. And, well, that was stupid.

So, the lessons learned: Training will make it less painful. Don’t swallow the salt water (I did). Positive self talk really does work (I said over and over again on the last two miles of the four-mile run: “I am a warrior, I am strong, I am an athlete.”) And having support (her parents were the pit crew), a quiet beach house to hang out at, and a big breakfast and coffee waiting are amazing incentives. Let’s do it next year, B.!


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  1. Joe

    Congratulations, EK. . .on finishing the race without any training. Damn.
    You’re a warrior. You’re strong.
    And you’re kooky, too.
    Hope you’re getting some rest.

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