no sleep for the happy

Oh, I’m so behind in my postings. And part of that is because I’ve been traveling — and hanging out with A., who has picked me up from the airport twice.

On Tuesday, A. and I played tennis in Alexandria. He picked me up from the Metro (he’s always early, and was leaning against his red Mazda when I arrived. It’s the little things). We drove to some courts with lights near woods and volleyed the ball back and forth, making each other sprint all over the court. When we were tired of playing, I had so much energy, I wanted to run — so we jogged slowly around a dark soccer field to cool down. When we got in the car, it was 9:30 p.m., and I said, “Oh, it’s so early!”

And then I marveled at myself. Did I really say that on a school night? Maybe it’s because it’s summer and the days are long, or because I’m happy, or because I just want to be awake to enjoy all the little things — but my concept of time in the last month has changed. I haven’t needed or wanted sleep (not nearly as much as I did before). I can get by on 5 hours — and 8 hours is, well, 8 is really satisfying. But not important. I said to A. about a week ago: “You have to know that I LOVE sleep — and I don’t want to sleep when I’m spending time with you.”

But this feeling is so much more than A. — and maybe that’s why it’s so satisfying. I’m happy in general. I love my job, and my coworkers — so many of them make me laugh and bring me joy day-to-day — including last night as we drank Spotted Cow beer from Wisconsin and pomegranate vodka martinis on the roof.

This summer, so far, I’ve also been on several spontaneous trips, including to California for an amazingly fun wedding; Detroit to see my parents; Alabama for the Fourth of JU-lie (as they say down there), where we went water-skiing and ate juicy watermelon and BBQ.

I am headed to Bethany Beach next weekend for four days to see my mom’s side of the family. The following week, J. is visiting from Somiland. On Aug. 1, I’m headed to a N.J. with two of my favorite girlfriends S. and B. to eat pasta, do a mini triathlon and hang out on the Jersey shore. In August, I’m planning another five-day trip to San Francisco to go camping in Yosemite with some of my closest college girlfriends. And over Labor Day, I have tickets to the U.S. Open in New York with R. and K.

Who needs sleep when there is so much to do, see — and feel?



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2 responses to “no sleep for the happy

  1. Joe G

    Killer, the excitement and love for life have jumped off of your blog page and have gotten into my eye. Unlike conjunctivitis, I hope it’s contagious!!!!

    Joe G

  2. Corie

    Yayay, LIFE!

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