this city is small

On Wednesday, I went to Poste for drinks with coworkers. We stood outside in the courtyard behind the restaurant that’s part of Hotel Monaco and drank $4 glasses of wine. Then I noticed a woman I recognized but I couldn’t remember how — until about 15 min. later I realized I met her Tahoe in March. Later, after the sun set, about six of us sat around a small circular table lit by a fake candle with a battery. Mid conversation, I looked to my left, and there was a former volleyball teammate on a date. And to my right, was a guy who works with C. in Sen. Stabenow’s office, whom I’d seen a few weekends prior. I was surrounded by people I knew in what is considered a big city. But it often feels amazingly small. Or am I just getting older?


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  1. Joe

    You’re the “it” girl, EK. . .people see you and they want to be you. . .you’re the woman on the go, the A-list staple, the social butterfly.
    Oh, I don’t know.
    Maybe you just know a lot of people.

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