clothes-swapping and karaoke

Last night, I went to a clothes-swap party at L.’s. That means you clean out your closet and bring clothes that you never wear anymore (in my case, the clothes I consistently shrink). And you try on threads that others don’t want (I walked away with two skirts and two shirts. And that sounds like it should be the name of a movie).

L. lives in Petworth, a neighborhood I don’t know, even after living in D.C. for five years. At about 11 p.m., we wandered to Domku, a small funky Polish restaurant/bar with cool art on brick walls, white lights strung up, and several couches. There were about seven people in there, and two were doing karaoke.

C., L. and I drank Slavic beers and nearly immediately started to dance. We sang “Girl You Know It’s True” by the famed and wonderful Milli Vanilli. We laughed uproariously at L., who can do the Milli Vanilli dance. And we ended on “Joy To The World,” by Three Dog Night, which reminds me of my childhood. I’m sure I was off key, but I felt like we were traveling overseas and wandered into a random bar where the people were open and welcoming. I felt uninhibited. And joyful.


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  1. L

    Yes! That was fun. There are many more places to explore in Petworth. 🙂

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