move your feet

A few weeks ago, the singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone came to the NPR offices and put on an intimate concert at Bob Boilen’s desk. Bob Boilen is the host of All Songs Considered.

Cahoone is a soft-spoken independent singer from Seattle with long straight stringy hair and kind eyes. About 20 of us gathered around Cahoone, who sat on a high stool, strummed her guitar and sang softly. I was moved by her voice. Later, I mentioned to a music producer how much I enjoyed it, and he came to my desk with CDs filled with songs the music team had deemed the best songs since 2003. “If you liked her, I figured you’d like these,” he said.

I’ve been slowly listening to all of them. I have a new list of favorite songs. And this one, from the 2003 compilation, makes me really happy.


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