all it takes is asking

Last week, I got a note from a guy I barely know who will be at wedding I’m going to in Massachusetts in three weeks. He’s four years older than me, lives in Michigan and was an All-American soccer player at Kalamazoo college, my alma mater. Last time I saw him was about six years ago at a bar in Chicago and we barely talked because he forgot his ID and got kicked out.

He wrote: “Re: Hi Erin!”

And, in the body of the email: “Will you marry me?”

I wrote back: “obviously!”

I don’t even know how he got my email.

But yeah, dude. Let’s tie that knot.

He’s Greek, says he’s got “freakish Greek strength” and promises a Greek wedding like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Sign me up.


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One response to “all it takes is asking

  1. ekret

    Watch out for those Greeks, Erin. They can be a tricky bunch!

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