what’s a decade?

On Saturday, my friend B. left my phone number on a restaurant receipt for the hot Middle Eastern waiter. I was embarrassed and shook my head at her and laughed. I figured he wouldn’t use it. Oh, he did. He texted me later that night. And he’s 21 years old.



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2 responses to “what’s a decade?

  1. Beth

    Sitting in the van after the wedding on the way to take photos before the reception. Again a bridesmaid. Next to me, the shy and darling best man. He’s talking to someone else. Mentions graduating in 1991.
    “Dear God, please let him be talking about college.”
    Sometimes prayers go unanswered.
    He graduated from high school four years after I graduated from college.
    And yet, we fell in love, married and have a beautiful daughter.
    Age is what you make of it. Besides, boys mature long after girls (if they ever do).
    Go get ’em, Red.

  2. alongstory

    A decade is nine years fewer than the difference in age of the two people who brought me into this world. Thank God my mom isn’t good at math.

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