never go to the grocery store hungry

Today, I worked for six hours in the quiet office monitoring breaking news, updating the homepage and writing blurbs for ATC. And I didn’t eat for six hours.

So, I went to Whole Foods at 8 p.m., slightly lightheaded with a growling stomach, and I bought more than $100 worth of food, including pancake mix, pre-rolled crab cakes and bacon. Bacon. I never buy bacon. And I don’t particularly like pancakes, but it sounded so good. And I threw in a Yoga Journal because it had yoga retreat ideas (Costa Rica, Mexico, Tanzania). Hey, a girl can dream. 

But I didn’t have enough money to cab home, so I walked 10 blocks in 90 degree weather while my ice cream sandwiches melted in my paper bags. Noone ever said I was the brightest person on the planet.


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One response to “never go to the grocery store hungry

  1. Joe

    Erin, you need help.
    Oh, and good morning.

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