i need to mix it up

I’ve been a bit bored lately. Why, you might ask, when I started a new job I love where I’m learning daily, I just got back from an adventure in Guatemala, I’m sucked into watching “The Wire” (my new Netflix obsession) and I had *four* friends in town in the last few weeks, including a crush from Colorado, a close friend who lives in Angola and S., whom I went to journalism school with and haven’t seen in more than five years.

Yeah, good question. I’m trying to figure that out myself. I think it might partly be 1) I’m in a food rut and 2) I’m not working out enough and 3) I haven’t been mixing up my daily, and even weekend, routines.

So I’ve decided my new mission is to *finally* get a bike.

Also, when S. asked me to go rock climbing at Great Falls tomorrow, I said, “Sure.” And her husband J. who was in the background added: “There will be a lot of single men there.” And I said quickly, “Ok. Yes.” They both laughed and J. said in the background: “You had me at single men.”


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  1. C.

    mix it up and go crazy – come to vienna. wahoooooo! can’t wait to see you. still on for the 6th?

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