radio voice

At 7 p.m. tonight I was sitting at my desk getting ready to leave for the evening when a Morning Edition producer came in search of a woman to do a voice over. I shrugged and said ‘Sure’ (also careful to say ‘I don’t have any voice training’) and went into a small studio. My voice is a bit scratchy from my allergies. On Saturday I sneezed more than 60 times from the tree pollen during a run with S. — that is not an exaggeration.

Anyway, I read three lines translated into English from Chinese (most likely Mandarin, but I don’t know for sure) about six times into one of those big foam-covered microphones. It’s for a story about Chinese nationalism that’s slated to run tomorrow morning. Of the millions of listeners, only my friends and family will know my voice *maybe* but I was still on a high when I left work today.

Tomorrow it’s all about Shakira. She’s in Washington to lobby Congress to help millions of poor children get basic education. So tomorrow morning she’s coming to the headquarters to interview for a segment slated for All Things Considered. I’ll go listen in and probably say something dumb like: “I really like your music!” Shakira, you’ll recall, sings this song.

This working long hours and having no energy or social life is paying off. Plus, I’m going on vacation to Guatemala on Friday (as people do after working a month in a new job, sure).

Also, in good news, the spasm in my left eye finally went away today after three weeks of tormenting me. 

Next up (probably after vacation) I need to get my Internet fixed — or uh, buy it? Sigh. I keep waiting in hopes my neighbors will decide to let me back on their network.


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