internet connection

For the past year, I’ve been “borrowing” my neighbors Internet service. While my roommate can still get on, I suddenly can’t connect, no matter how many times I try (this is the reason for the radio silence). I have tried at least 46 times. I also don’t have a second in my work day to send personal emails much less eat.

Let me tell you, my second week on the job was intense. I had information overload by the end of each day Tuesday through Friday and was having trouble formulating sentences by 10 p.m. Totally and completely and utterly exhausted and no energy to try figure out my Internet problem.

But the highlights of the week were:

  • Meeting Michele Norris before sitting in studio 2A while she interviewed Hillary Clinton on the phone and I transcribed the interview.
  • Putting together full Web pages, including a story about Mary Roach’s new book “Bonk” that was among the most-emailed stories the next day.
  • Going to my orientation lunch for the union (AFTRA) and learning what it means to be a part of a union (overtime! meal penalties! ergonomics checks! etc. It’s a whole other world.).
  • Getting a compliment from M., whose position I’m eventually taking, who looked at me with sympathetic eyes on Friday at 7 p.m. and said, “Have a good weekend and get some sleep. I know we threw a lot at you, but you did a good job.”

Now I’m at the coffee shop Jolt ‘n Bolt, a half block from where I live, using the free WiFi so I can book hotels in Antigua for my upcoming trip to Guatemala and balance my checking account and pick out the right investment company for my pension. Oh how I hope I can get back on the Web at home instead of actually having to buy service like most people in the world. This stool is not nearly as wonderful as my couch.


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