this rocks

Today, my job was to learn how to use Dalet, a system to produce, cut and listen to audio clips. It’s the program correspondents and reporters use to put together shows.

I also watched the trailer and clips for Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie “Smart People” (also with Juno’s Ellen Page and Dennis Quaid), picked out what we might want to run on the NPR site to accompany an interview with Sarah Jessica (it was recorded remotely) and had it encoded. I didn’t do the encoding, the fancy production people on the fifth floor do that.

But still. It rocks.

And then. And then at about 6 p.m. I heard on the overhead speakers “We have five bins filled with free CDs if anyone wants them, come to the fifth floor.” So I went. And I dug through the CDs with about 10 other greedy NPR employees (and more came and went). And I walked away with 14 CDs, including “Fulano Individual,” which was a 2007 Grammy Nominee for “Best Latin Pop Album.”


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