first day of work

My first day at NPR was a success. How do I know this? Because 1) I’m still working there as far as I know and 2) I’m still alive.

It appears that I’ll have to learn another language, including what “children” are (and no, not real children), what “two-ways” are, and how to “back announce” something, but isn’t that always the case when you join a new tribe?

Also, three more good signs:

  • M., a Web editor, was out today because she’s en route from Germany where she was shadowing a radio reporter on an international health piece because she wants to learn radio. (Read: there are opportunities for this for non-radio people.)
  • There was cake sitting on a ledge in the heart of the All Things Considered newsroom today, and I guess this is a common occurrence and the woman who baked it is a phenomenal baker. Oh yeah.
  • I overheard some people in the news department conspiring April Fool’s jokes on the higher ups. Awesome.

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