antsy in the bahamas: am I spoiled?

I had the thought today that my resort isn’t all that nice. And many of the people I’m seeing are older unfriendly overweight couples who are smoking cigarettes and look like they belong in a casino. My continental breakfast of oatmeal, an English muffin and watered down coffee was also less than satisfying, although I did chat with a gorgeous family from Alberta (father, mother and two small kids). And then I told myself I am a snob and to shut up already and stop judging and anyway the pool is nice and the sun is hot and that is what I was looking for.

I kept lying down on a lawn chair, reading my book, getting up to walk around, going to the beach, lying down, reading my book, getting up to walk around, going back to the pool, etc. in one- to two-hour increments. Antsy? Clearly.

Then at about 5 p.m. when it started to cool off and I got into the hot tub, an Indian woman also got in. She’s a 27-year-old teacher from Baltimore on her spring break and she arrived Sunday with a friend of hers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (yes, she said, we can watch the March Madness games on the hotel TVs). We chatted and two black curly tailed lizards ran around the hot tub and peered at us with beady eyes. And then when she said she was surprised the resort wasn’t that nice and it was kind of like they “took Myrtle Beach and plopped it down on the island,” the thoughts I had been admonishing were supported.

But despite the few pitfalls, I’m still relaxing and enjoying myself. It’s gorgeous this evening and quiet and I’m sitting an Adirondack chair on my patio watching Season 4 of “Rescue Me” on my computer. It is supposed to be sunny both tomorrow and Friday. I think I’ll go on a few runs, do some yoga (on my own of course) and get a massage at the Westin.



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2 responses to “antsy in the bahamas: am I spoiled?

  1. Joe

    You should take up smoking and have more fun down there.
    At least you’re not at work.
    Hi Erin. Hope you’re having a great time.


  2. vsinha

    um, i don’t know if this was your feeble attempt at reducing my jealousy over your being there, but it completely failed. and we can add this latest chickie to the long list of how many more indians you know than me.

    you missed it, btw, i was asked by a reader the other day whether i knew some girl named priya or something simply because she also was an indian (who incidentally lives in new york). i said no… but i bet erin does.

    good luck on monday!!!! 🙂

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