I once thought that finding and tracking blogs was a complete enigma. I even set up my own blog up via two years ago, wrote on it once, and forgot about it. I didn’t understand the point of blogs then. I would hear people talk about ‘bloggers’ who set up at my local coffee shop Tryst to report on the election, and I had no idea how to find said blogs (and at the time I didn’t really care).

Then last fall my coworker and friend J. told me about and I started my own blog (after she started her hilarious maternity one). After that, she showed me how to track blogs through allows me to follow blogs without having to click on each site to see if there is a new post. Instead, I go to bloglines and if there is a new post on a specific blog (like, the blog name is highlighted with the number of new posts in parenthesis. I click on it and wham, there are the posts.

I have spent two hours this morning adding more and more links to my bloglines account including news sites. I’m now subscriber to All Things Considered, the New York Times’ various news sections, the Washington Post,, etc. etc. And I only go to one Web site and it will pull up the articles I have not yet read. Genius.

I’ve always cherished my time in the early mornings sitting with my coffee and newspaper, but with sites like this, I can understand why the media is trending toward the digital. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the convenience of accessing multiple news sites and picking out what I find interesting outweighs the romanticism of sitting with one hard copy. (Though I’ll always want to read my NYT Sunday edition in print — and I still have my New Yorkers and National Geographics).

In merely five months, I have turned from a blog ignoramus to a blog maven (ha, that’s not totally true, but it sounds good). After getting all tech savvy, I’m off to the DMV to finally get a D.C. license after more than three years living here.


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