life is a beach

I’m craving sun and relaxation. So I booked a trip to the Bahamas for my week between jobs. Feels too luxurious and undeserved, but it’s done. Done. So I can’t look back. I will gather my sunscreen, towel, sunglasses and books and spend a few days next week decompressing on the beach on Grand Bahama Island so I’ll be fully energized when NPR puts that dreaded Blackberry in my hand (can’t wait for the new job, scared about the Blackberry tether since I don’t even really like my cell phone).



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2 responses to “life is a beach

  1. Shadi

    woooohoooo! bahamas. so much fun. make sure to get your hair braided and enjoy the sun. and, blackberry is addictive, you’ll get used to it very very quickly…i’m so glad you’re taking such a fun vacation! much deserved.

  2. bzh

    I so envy your courage.

    Have a Blackberry-less blast…

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