out of context

At our weekly staff meeting today along a long board room table in the conference room, one reporter talked about how the Smithsonian’s National Gallery of Art may expand to another building. That lead to chatter about the recent Edward Hopper exhibit (so sad it’s closed) and how one editor waited an hour to see it, showing the demand and hence the reason for expansion. (Also, there’s apparently a warehouse that houses some gems in Prince George’s County).

I tuned out for a moment until I heard another editor (who is straight) say just as the room turned quiet (clearly talking about a piece of artwork): “You know the one with the guy with his shirt off riding a horse?”*

Another editor (who is gay) said with mock dismay, “I don’t know about that!” Everyone in the room erupted with laughter.

It reminded me of last night’s episode of “Project Runway” on Bravo. It was a debriefing episode with everyone, whether still competing or kicked off, sitting around talking about each person’s personality. Everyone teased the one straight guy of being a little bit gay and they compiled clips of his “gay” comments, which were hilarious out of context.

*Cue “Brokeback Mountain” music.


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