a 24-hour study of feelings

I haven’t been feeling inspired to write. So I decided to describe some of the feelings I’ve had in the last 24 hours. It is quite the exercise. There are too many moments in a 24-hour span to capture. Try it. Here’s a sampling.

  • Nervous and excited to talk to my friend M., whom I haven’t talked to in a year. I was her maid of honor four years ago and we’ve slowly lost touch. She moved to South Carolina from Nevada this week. While the conversation was comfortable, I felt nostalgic when we hung up.
  • Shy when I stood in line at Trader Joe’s with my cart full of yellow, orange and red tomatoes, vegetable burritos, Italian wedding soup, Cliff bars and a Belgian beer. An attractive half-black man dressed in a long gray coat and navy winter hat stood in the winding line ahead of me. We connected eyes about seven times, and I kept looking away. I wasn’t feeling attractive.
  • Happy and calm talking to my parents while cutting up the tomatoes when I was back at home. They were being goofy, and I said, “I think you’ve both lost it.” My dad mentioned that he saw a condo in Grand Cayman that costs $500 a night and sleeps six, perhaps for a family trip next winter. That’s the best idea I’ve heard in weeks.
  • Moved listening to Barrack Obama give his acceptance speech for winning the Wisconsin primary. I had the chills, even up and down my legs.
  • Dehydrated and groggy this morning as I made my Dean & DeLuca house blend espresso in my Italian coffee maker and listened to NPR.
  • Flattered and thrilled when my coworker G. said, “Cute pants!” I bought the dark brown corduroy pants from Anthropologie two days ago on sale for $50.
  • Annoyed when R. told me the editors are doing away with my restaurant column, without my input, because the page is being redesigned. The restaurant stories are some of the most widely read. They want them online, which will drive traffic, but the communication — or rather lack thereof — was frustrating.
  • Comforted when my coworker, who caught wind of my annoyance, offered to buy me a hot chocolate at Greenberry’s up the street, and then inspired after talking about ideas.
  • Cold and tired when I walked home from the bus stop as it snowed around me. I inhaled and smelled a fire, most likely from the warmth of one of my neighbor’s homes.
  • Disappointed when I arrived on my porch and my next disc (Season 2) of “Rescue Me” didn’t come in the mail. I’ll stick with my New Yorker and the book I’m reading, “Bel Canto.”

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