D.C. single scene

My friend K. came to visit from New York City last night. She was here for a girl scout conference in College Park, but wanted to see what the “D.C. single scene” is like on a Saturday evening. Maybe I tell a good story, but I know the D.C. single scene can’t compare to the excitement one can find in New York where people are more outgoing and aggressive. She has lived in New York for more than eight years (and is New York chic), and has expressed a bit of boredom lately. So the challenge was on.

But, as is usually the case when I want to show someone a good time, there was little happening. The bars and streets were emptier than usual given the three-day weekend for Presidents Day. My fun single friends either had plans or were out of town. We were also feeling semi-lazy and it was cold out, so we decided to stay close to home. We had margaritas and split chicken fajitas at Lauriol Plaza; had a beer at Local 16; and met my friend D. at the Townhouse Tavern off of 17th Street where we played pool and Mrs. Pacman. At the end of the night, we took a cab to the corner near my home where K. got two big slices of pizza (she’s tiny, so that made me laugh) and shook red pepper flakes all over them. We watched an episode of “Rescue Me” (the FX show I’m watching on Netflix about firefighters in New York after 9-11) and fell asleep.

The weekend turned into the two of us talking about goals, careers and relationships, which was wonderful. I enjoyed conversation with her more than trolling the single scene (and she, I’m sure, would say the same thing).

In my experience, when you go looking for excitement and have expectations, often nothing happens. And really, you can’t predict when you’ll make a connection. No matter what city you’re in. But you can continually grow and nurture your friendships.


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  1. k

    i had so much fun! 🙂 next time i will truly impress with THREE big slices. who knew DC had such yummy late night pizza options?

    erin, you are such a wonderful hostess. i loved visiting.

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