on aging

It’s Super Tuesday and I am lying on my couch doing my taxes.

Man, am I getting old.

To be fair, I had plans to go to J.W. Marriott to meet K. and her friends for her birthday. But I’m coming down with a cold. I can feel my throat closing up and my face flush. So I picked up orange juice, chicken noodle soup and Zicam (per my coworker J.’s suggestion) on my way home from work, got in my yoga clothes and planted myself on the couch.

It is awesome to watch Clinton and Obama go head to head in a historic Democratic primary. I sent a few texts to my friends saying “Go Obama!” (I don’t cover politics, so I think it’s cool to let that out and besides, I moved here from Chicago and voted for him for senator.)

But seriously, I am watching CNN, filing my taxes and drinking mint tea with my glasses on.

Next, it’s dentures and adult diapers.



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3 responses to “on aging

  1. Beth

    No darlin’… next it’s expanding thighs, sagging boobs, drooping neck, blurring vision, hot flashes… THEN, it’s dentures and diapers.

    You have SO much to look forward to.

  2. Jen

    And don’t forget the memory lapses, preference for four-door cars and yelling at kids to get off your lawn.

    At least you stayed up. Some other old people I know didn’t even make it to California.

  3. vsinha

    or, really, preference for minivans because four-door sedans are practically sports cars. and of course there’s the frustration over never having enough storage space and thinking that 10 p.m. on a friday night is just too late to pop in that second netflix movie. its good stuff, girl, just you wait…

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