my daily candy

Nearly every afternoon, around 3 p.m. or 4 p.m., I say to my coworker, “It’s J.H. time.” I can’t take the credit, he started checking the Web site before me. I put on my massive headphones that cover my ears and click the “Deep Thought of the Day” at I try to click it faster than him so that I can react first as I watch the thought scroll across the screen.

It’s my daily candy (well, I usually get M&Ms too). I’d like to post some of my favorites — and nearly did — but it says on the Web site, “No Deep Thoughts may be reproduced without permission.” And, crazy me, but I’d like to not get sued.

However, my brother replied to an Evite I sent out recently that should have been a Deep Thought — so I’ll put that as my pseudo example.

This was under the “Fo sho! Ready to get my freak on” (in layman’s terms: Yes) column generated by the Evite team.

The person who RSVP’d before my brother had written: “There’s a slight possibility I’ll be out of town, but if not, I’m in!!! :).” Others wrote, “Looking foward to it!” My brother’s response?: “One time, I pushed a piece of Playdoh real, real far up Erin’s nose, and she couldn’t get it out. And she cried.”

Some people may call that mean. But for some sick twisted reason, I call it hilarious.


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